Solidaires Helping Hand: where and how to file a project application

The Solidaires Helping Hand initiatives were launched by Crédit Agricole SA in March 2008 to encourage public interest activities undertaken by colleagues in their spare time. Every year, juries choose and allot grants to community-based projects supported by employees in Group entities.


Crédit Agricole S.A and its subsidiaries have backed a wide range of NPO projects since Helping Hand was launched.

For an NPO, the support provided through the initiative is an often-substantial financial contribution that enables employees to carry out their projects.


Among the criteria that juries focus on are the public-interest aspect of the project and the involvement of the employees who apply. To be eligible for the programme, projects have to focus on issues relating, for example, to the environment, the community, education and culture.


If you're a Group employee wishing to file an application for the Solidaires Helping Hand project:

  • View the list of Group entities that offer employees a support programme

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