All you need to know about Solidaires

A programme specially designed for Crédit Agricole Group staff

Many of the people who work for the Crédit Agricole Group donate their time and energy to community-focused projects. To maintain the momentum, the Group has created Solidaires, a comprehensive programme that showcases and supports employees' unstinting initiatives and meet their desire for involvement.



Valuable help for partner NPOs

By bringing employees into close contact with the voluntary sector, Solidaires also aims to provide additional solutions to the ever-growing needs of people and organisations working in the public interest. While corporate philanthropy is a valuable source of financial support for the sector, there is also a need for volunteers and their skills.



3 ways to get involved

If you work for a Crédit Agricole entity, regardless of your level of commitment to the voluntary sector, the Solidaires programme allows you to contribute on a regular or occasional basis to the Group's community-focused commitments in three practical ways:


  • Voluntary assignments: find an assignment to help a Group-selected non-profit organisation (NPO) by offering your skills or your time

  • Helping Hand initiatives: set up a public-interest community-centred project using grants made available to employees actively involved in an NPO