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Supporting our community: 6th interview of the 2018 Helping Hand winners

| 09.07.2019 | Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

Applications for the 2019 Helping Hands will be accepted until the 12th of July. You have only a few days left to submit your application.

Are you still not sure? Discover the community project of 2018 Helping Hand winner Laurence Grimoud (CACIB France), active member of Terre de Sens 07.


What is the purpose of the charity you presented?

Terre de Sens 07 is an NGO in Ardèche (France) that brings together men and women from all walks of life with a shared conviction: that nature and humanity need to be central to all our actions. The organisation offers extracurricular activities for children and their families to learn about nature and implement simple solutions to reduce their impact on the environment. Terre de Sens 07 organises activities around issues such as waste reduction, water management, and the importance of food quality. It works in partnership with Zone 5, an organisation for the promotion of permaculture.

What is the nature of your involvement in the charity?

I have been a member of Terre de Sens 07’s board of directors since its creation in October 2017. I work on designing educational workshops for children (search for facilitators and “logistics”), and do fundraising.

What is the scope of the project you presented?

The funds donated by CACIB were used to purchase teaching materials and gardening tools for the children, who are frequent visitors to the greenhouses and gardens landscaped by Terre de Sens 07. The funds also enabled regular workshops for the exploration and practice of permaculture, and co-operative family games.

What has your involvement in the Helping Hand programme brought you?

I was very touched by the enthusiasm of the Solidarity team after I sent in my application, and I wanted to thank them for their availability and commitment to supporting the employees’ projects.

I am pleased to be able to spread the word about Terre de Sens 07, which I care a lot about. I am convinced we need to make young children aware of the importance of respecting the environment and encourage co-operation in finding concrete solutions to problems that are often so much larger than we are.


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