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Supporting our community: 1st interview of the 2018 Helping Hand winners

| 16.01.2019 | Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

Discover the first interview of the 2018 Helping Hand (Solidaires) winners testimonies: Drew NG, who works for Crédit Agricole CIB in Singapore.

What is the purpose of the charity you presented?

Green Nudge is a green events and consulting startup that works to reduce environmental footprint at large scale events and corporate functions. It aims to reverse the problem of excessive consumption behaviours through a two-pronged approach – Activation and Awareness. By profiling and growing a community of eco-conscious individuals, and empowering organisations to take ownership of the way they consume, Green Nudge aims to nudge people to change the way that they create and deal with waste in Singapore.

What is the nature of your involvement in the charity? 

Given my strong interest in environment sustainability and wide knowledge on the subject, my role as a volunteer / facilitator of Green Nudge is to share insights on not only sustainability theories but also practical eco-friendly lifestyle habits one may adopt and in the process encourage further call-to-action from the community. I am confident that through such ground-up approach, sustainable practices would not just be an act, but the norm amongst all in Singapore.

What is the scope of this project ?

Leveraging on the domain knowledge by Green Nudge as well as its network of green partners, Crédit Agricole CIB’s donation will help subsidise a series of environmental focused learning journeys conducted by Green Nudge which will incorporate elements of site visits and hands-on activities. Each programme aims to facilitate discussion and reflection, provide an opportunity to learn on the go, as well as encourage participants to observe others and apply what they have learnt in real-time. By reaching out to a diverse group of participants, the project will stimulate individual social growth as well as promote the conservation and protection of the environment. More importantly, to also send out the message that environmental sustainability is a collective effort that requires collaboration of all groups. The project position itself to complement the Goal 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals by ‘Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns’, which seeks to promote resource and energy efficiency, and to substantially reduce waste output through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse by 2030 and in addition congruent with Crédit Agricole Group’s CSR Policy to support territories in their sustainable growth challenges.

What have you learned from your participation?

My active involvement in facilitating the various learning journeys had taught me that despite various waste management initiatives spearheaded by the Singapore government, there appears to regrettably be a disconnect between the policies and actual ground up sentiments where efforts continue to be top-down with limited grassroots support - interestingly despite more than 60% of Singapore’s waste being recycled (National Environment Agency (“NEA”) Waste Statistics and Overall Recycling 2017) majority continues to be from industrial sources (construction debris, ferrous metal, slag etc) with less than 10% from domestic origins. As such, there seems to still be a lot that Singapore can do to build up an environmentally conscious society, noting that while the government has taken the lead in setting Singapore’s drive towards a more sustainable living environment, it is equally important that initiatives or efforts undertaken are effectively communicated to the community, and more critically to be aligned from the ground-up by obtaining the support and cooperation from the man on the street. I am proud to be in Crédit Agricole CIB and for the Solidaires Programme which has shown its support to non-profit organizations like Green Nudge to shed light in pressing sustainability issues, and indirectly contributing to a cleaner and greener Singapore.