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The Prime Minister declares commitment to volunteering a “major national cause” in 2014

| 18.03.2014 | Crédit Agricole Group

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has decided to make commitment to volunteering the “major national cause” for 2014, in an effort to build up and promote the role of associations and volunteering in our society.

Established in 1977, the label of “major national cause” is an accreditation awarded by France’s prime minister every year, through a public contest, to a non-profit organisation or a collective of associations. This year, itwill enable the Mouvement Associatif (which encompasses over 600,000 associations) to advertise free of charge on public radio and television stations during campaigns calling for public generosity.

To further affirm the vital role played by associations in civil society, on 14 February in Nancy the prime minister also signed a charter of reciprocal commitments between the State, associations and local authorities, intended to recognise association-type organisations as “fully fledged partners of public policy”. During his trip to Nancy,Jean-Marc Ayrault underlined the importance of the role of associations in the French economy. “With 3% of the nation’s wealth and almost 2 million jobs, the voluntary sector is a generator of jobs for the future.”

Today, many companies are also contributing to the momentum of the voluntary sector. Through its Solidaires programme, Crédit Agricole Group encourages its staff to get involved in volunteering. Awarding grants for public interest projects sponsored by employees, connecting up associations and employees willing to volunteer, organising internal events in support of associations… these and other activities all complement the aid granted to public interest organisations, whose needs are increasing. By raising awareness among its employees through Solidaires, Crédit Agricole Group is keen to contribute to the development of a genuine solidarity ecosystem.

Photo credit: M. Lakomski - CG54