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Crédit Agricole Hong Kong kicks-off the first training in Cebu

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| 27.12.2018 | Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

As part of Crédit Agricole commitment to support “Enfants du Mekong”, Crédit Agricole Hong Kong has delivered their first training, this time in Cebu, Philippines.


The “Enfants du Mekong” Cebu center helps underprivileged students to navigate through their years of undergraduate studies. Those young students usually left their families on the countryside, and came to the city for their studies.  “Enfants du Mekong” is providing complete support to these students, helping them not only to succeed in their studies, but also to grow as responsible and well informed young adults – male and female – equipped to give back to their community after graduation.


Crédit Agricole’s support takes various shapes:

  • a multi-year significant financial support, almost covering the full costs of one promotion students (56 persons);
  • recycling of IT equipment: handing over of laptops benefiting the staff and students of the center;
  • on-site training by Credit Agricole’s volunteers (8 week-end sessions to be planned over the 4 years of undergraduate studies).


On Dec 1-2, the first training in Cebu was kicked off after several months of training involving almost 30 colleagues from Crédit Agricole CIB and Indosuez Wealth Management.  Split in two groups, students were taught basics of “communication” and “macroeconomics”.

The kick-off training session has been very well received by all stakeholders: local staff, students, and CA volunteers.



“This 2-day training at the” Enfant du Mekong” Cebu Center was a true human experience. The students - who come from underprivileged backgrounds - are enthusiastic, eager to learn, joyful and studious. The Macroeconomics team was impressed by their ability to quickly assimilate advanced economics concepts, and many students showed their eagerness to become entrepreneurs. And in the Communication skills team, some students prove to be impressive orators ! This was an unforgettable weekend for the whole CACIB travelling team and one of the most rewarding experience of my life.”

Jeanne Althabegoity  - Global Compliance


“My visit to EDM Centre in Cebu made me realistically understand the truth behind the word called “Altruism “. It was an experience that indeed gave me a meaning to understand how giving and sharing could enormously impact our society more particularly who are missed out from our thoughts. Impressively encouraging and rich experience.”

Ashis Sengupta – Indosuez Wealth Management


“I was surprised by the level of intellect and enthusiasm the students from Cebu displayed. These bright young students deserve to continue their education and should not be held back from the economic situation in their country or homes. EDM is helping to provide opportunities to allow students to pursue the right to study; which, unfortunately, a person from a more developed country may take for granted. I was happy to be a part of this mission and would recommend this trip to anyone who would like to be inspired by students who persevere despite the odds stacked against them.”

William Kim – International Trade & Transaction Banking



It will soon be time already to prepare the second session, with new topics and new volunteers.

All hands are welcome! Hiring for our next session will start soon. So be prepared if you would also like to get involved in this exciting and rewarding initiative!