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CA-plogging International Challenge

| 28.06.2019 | Crédit Agricole Group

Put on your sneakers and fight plastic pollution!

From 28 June to 18 July, Crédit Agricole is organizing an international challenge for all Group employees* with the aim of cleaning the greatest length of kilometres possible.

Let’s make plastic an endangered species!


What does plogging mean ?

Combine the joys of the outdoors with waste collection by participating in the CA - plogging challenge! 

The word plogging comes from the Swedish word plocka upp ("pick up") and the English word to jog. It is a concept born in Sweden that entails jogging and quickly stopping to pick up trash while you go.


How to participate in the CA-plogging challenge ?

Your aim will be to collect the most litter in sight during your walking or running sessions.

To participate :


1- Download and install the KM for Change app on your phone (Android or iOS) ;

2- Identifies yourself using the code assigned to your entity ** ;

3- Chooses the environmental organisation you wish to support ;

4- Run and clean the greatest length of kilometres ;

5- Discover the performance of the Group's entities around the world!


To access the ranking of kilometres covered for countries and entities, click here 

The KM for Change app can be used:

  • Anywhere: around the workplace, home or any other spot
  • Any time: one or more days a week, several times a day
  • Individually or in a group


Which environmental organisations will be supported through this challenge ?

At the end of the CA-plogging challenge, a total donation of €45,000 will be distributed between two environmental associations in proportion to the number of kilometres covered by the employees for the benefit of each of them.

You decide how the money is to be allocated !

You can elect to support the association of your choice by cleaning the most kilometres you can on its behalf, between the two following :

  • Zero Waste Europe which is working to eliminate waste in our society.
  • La Fondation pour la Nature et pour l’Homme which mission is to accelerate changes in individual and collective behavior in order to protect our planet.

The kilometres covered will be automatically counted thanks to GPS data. At the end of the plogging activity, do not forget to declare on the mobile app the number of items of waste collected.


How to clean safely

Before practicing plogging, remember to equip yourself with gloves for picking up litter and several garbage bags to store it. Beware of sharp or dangerous objects.


Do you have a question or an issue with the application? 

Do not hesitate to contact us at this adress : contact.solidaires@credit-agricole-sa.fr 


* Participating entities: AMUNDI, CA L&F, SODICA, IDIA, CA GIP, CACEIS, CA Ligne Métier Paiement (CA PS, CA Chèques, AVEM, SANTEFFI), Crédit Agricole S.A., CA CIB, CA CF, LCL, CA Serbie, CA Ukraine.



  • AMUNDI : amundi-2019
  • CALF : calf-2019
  • SODICA : sodica-2019
  • IDIA : caidia-2019
  • CA GIP : cagip-2019
  • CACEIS : caceis-2019
  • CA Ligne Métier Paiement (CAPS, CA Chèques, AVEM, SANTEFFI) : calmp-2019
  • Crédit Agricole SA : ca-2019
  • CA CIB : cacib-2019
  • CA CF : cacf-2019
  • LCL : lcl-2019
  • CA Serbie : caserbi-2019
  • CA Ukraine : caukrai-2019
  • Others : ca-plogging-2019

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