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Take part in sorting of collected clothing

Mission associative

Social inclusion


We are looking for people who can come and help us during a day or half a day of sorting :)


What exactly is a sorting day? In a first place you discover our association, its functioning and its activities through a presentation. Then begins the "clothing sorting", which consists of selecting only quality clothing, adapted to job interviews, which will then be made available for free to our job seekers. The sorting also includes the hanging of clothes, their storage in our dressing room, their labelling but also the identification of the types and sizes of clothes that we lack to meet all the needs of our candidates. At the end of the day, a quiz on discrimination is set up to raise awareness of the issues facing our candidates. Icing on the cake: you discover the upside of the association, some of its employees and volunteers who supervise the activity to promote exchanges. This day takes place under the sign of conviviality and good humor, dancing sorting and end of day drink: it only lacks you!

Contact details in the non-profit organisation

Address : 134 rue Nationale 75013 Paris

Project location

PARIS Île-de-France France

Details of commitment level

1/2 ou 1 journée de temps en temps en semaine (généralement les mardis et les jeudis)