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AML-FT mission in favour of SEF in South Africa

Congé Solidaire

International solidarity

In the framework of the Solidarity Bankers Programme, Crédit Agricole SA and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation (GCAF), publish a mission to support SEF, South Africa, in developing training material on AML-FT topics.

The Solidarity Banker will have the following objectives:

  • Analyse the AML-FT environment and regulation in South Africa, identify key AML-FT risks that SEF is facing and understand the measures and processes in place within SEF to limit AML-FT risks;
  • Support the Quality and Compliance department and the Training Department by creating relevant training material and content on AML-FT, for all the categories of employees (top management, middle management, and if possible operational staff);
  • Deliver trainings to the top management team, to middle managers and if possible in one branch of the institution, with the help of the Training Department.


The mission is detailed in the document available for download (see opposite). A connection to your account is required to access it.



  • The beneficiary organisation is located in Tzaneen, South Africa
  • If the sanitary context does not allow the Solidarity Banker to travel as planned, the mission might be postponed, or held online.
  • The Crédit Agricole expert(s) will dedicate a total of 10 working days in South Africa.
  • Beginning of the mission : 1st semester 2022
  • A Convention is signed between the beneficiary organisation, the Solidarity Banker, the Foundation and the employer (if there is skill-based sponsorship).


SEF is a microfinance institution established in 1992 that provides loans (mostly under the group methodology) to low-income people in South Africa. As of December 2020, the institution serves 225 317 active borrowers (100% women and 100% in rural areas) and manages a portfolio of €45 153 765. It operates in the Northeast and Southeast regions of South Africa, through a network of 98 branches and 956 employees.

Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation (GCAF) has disbursed a senior loan to SEF equivalent to €3.1 million in November 2019. In the framework of Solidarity Bankers by CA, GCAF aims at supporting SEF through a technical assistance mission carried on by one or several experts from Crédit Agricole.



The expert is a Credit Agricole staff, willing to engage in the Solidarity Bankers programme, with the following expertise / experience:

  •  At least 5 years of experience in compliance
  • Knowledge of or willingness to self-train AML-FT international guidelines and framework for the microfinance sector (FATF recommendations, potential international and national sanctions…)
  • High proficiency in English is required
  • Previous experience in delivering trainings on AML-FT topics would be an asset
  • Previous experience in technical assistance or advisory work in a developing country would be helpful.


 Send your CV and cover letter (or 2 paragraphs presenting your motivations and expertise) to:

Contact details in the non-profit organisation

Address : Carolina Viguet, Head of Communication and Partnerships : carolina.viguet@credit-agricole-sa.fr

Project location

Afrique du Sud

Details of commitment level

10 jours sur le terrain en Afrique du Sud. Début de la mission : Premier semestre 2022