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Mission to support Plastic Odyssey’s development (Morocco)

Congé Solidaire

International solidarity

In the framework of the Solidarity Bankers Programme, Crédit Agricole SA and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, publish a 16-day solidarity mission (1 day per week) to support Plastic Odyssey's developement. The mission is open only to Crédit Agricole employees based in Morocco.

The Solidarity Banker(s) in Morocco will have 3 main objectives:

  • Identify the key actors of the plastic recycling value chain in Morocco
  • Analyze the business model of targeted social enterprises and their success factors
  • Identify development opportunities for PO



  • The Solidarity Banker(s) will dedicate a total of 16 working days to the mission, equivalent to 1 day per week
  • Proposing a team of expert is possiblE
  • The mission can be held during the Solidarity banker’s working time (skill-based sponsorship by the Solidarity banker’s employer) AND/OR holidays (volunteering)
  • The mission will take place in Morocco (no field mission) from early Q1 2021

The mission is detailed in the document available for download (see opposite). A connection to your account is required to access it.


Every minute, 19 metric tons of plastic enter our oceans and 80% of marine pollution comes from coastal towns and cities in the world’s poorest countries. Plastic Odyssey aims to make recycling plastic waste into a profitable business that creates new jobs. 

The project is based on a round-the-world voyage aboard a boat that acts as an ambassador for open-source recycling technologies. The boat will be making stops in emerging countries where in order to implement these solutions to recycle available waste to help create and grow plastic recycling microbusinesses.

The Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation supports Plastic Odyssey in the development of its business model and the project of structuring a social impact recycling branch during the expedition. The Foundation will also put the Plastic Odyssey team in touch with local recyclers and entrepreneurs to foster the emergence of social business models.

Plastic Odyssey (PO) needs to update its knowledge of the plastic waste value chain and to identify partnerships opportunities with social entrepreneurs.  PO looks for local social SMEs to improve the efficiency of the actors of the value chain so as to increase and improve recycling capacities and economic empowerment of the local actors.



The experts are Credit Agricole Staff based in Morocco with the following expertise/experience

  • Business development and strategy
  • SME’s finance and management
  • High proficiency in English and French, Arabic will be an advantage


Send your resume and 1 or 2 pragrpahs detailing your motivations to : 

carolina.viguet@credit-agricole-sa.fr et celine.hyon-naudin@credit-agricole-sa.fr

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