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“Social and environmental performance” mission in Kyrgyzstan

Congé Solidaire

International solidarity

In the framework of the Solidarity Bankers Program, Crédit Agricole SA and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation (GCAF), publish a mission to support the management of social and environmental performance of Salym Finance.


The Solidarity Banker will have three main objectives:

  • Assess and categorize environmental and social risks and impact of the business activities of Salym’s clients.
  • Prepare regulatory documents (procedures) and a roadmap to include environmental and social risks and impact in Salym’s lending process.
  • [If possible] Conduct a training session for the personnel involved in customer service. 


The mission is detailed in the document available for download (see opposite). A connection to your account is required to access it.





  • The beneficiary organisation is in Kyrgyzstan. If the Covid-19 pandemic does not allow the Solidarity Banker to travel to Kyrgyzstan, the mission can be carried out online. The calendar can be adjusted, in common agreement with the Solidarity Banker and Salym.
  • The Solidarity Banker will spend a total of 10 days in Kyrgyzstan in September or October 2021.
  • The mission can be held during the Solidarity banker’s working time (skill-based sponsorship by the Solidarity banker’s employer) AND/OR holidays (volunteering).





Salym Finance is a Tier 2 microfinance institution (portfolio between $10M-100M$) that provides affordable lending and attracting time deposits to support revenue-generating activities and improve living standards of low-income populations.

The organisation has 23 branches across Kyrgyzstan and about 180 employees. Currently, it manages a portfolio of €24 million and serves more than 18,000 clients, of whom 52% are women and 70% live in rural areas.

Salym has been GCAF’s partner since 2019. GCAF currently supports Salym Finance through senior loans, with a total exposure of EUR 535,000.






The expert is Credit Agricole Staff with the following expertise/experience:Expertise en gestion de la performance sociale et environnementale


  • Expertise in social and environnemental performance management
  • High proficiency in English is required. Proficiency in Russian would be an advantage
  • Knowledge of Central Asia is an asset
  • Previous experience in microfinance would be appreciated
  • Previous experience in technical assistance or advisory work in a developing country would be helpful





Send your CV and cover letter (or 2 paragraphs presenting your motivations and expertise) to:

Carolina VIGUET, Head of Communication and Partnerships : carolina.viguet@credit-agricole-sa.fr

Violette CUBIER, Technical Assistance Manager : violette.cubier@credit-agricole-sa.fr

Contact details in the non-profit organisation

Address : Carolina VIGUET, Head of Communication and Partnerships : carolina.viguet@credit-agricole-sa.fr

Project location

Details of commitment level

• Préparation : 5 jours ouvrés pour préparer la mission (répartis sur le mois précédant la mission sur le terrain) • Mission terrain : 10 jours de visite au siège de Salym Finance • Post-mission : 5 jours ouvrés pour finaliser les résultats attendus sur le lieu de travail de l’expert, à répartir sur les trois semaines suivant la mission de terrain.