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Mission to support PPSE’s merging and equity raise operations

Congé Solidaire

International solidarity


In the framework of the Solidarity Banker programme, Crédit Agricole SA and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation publish a 10-day audit and financial reporting solidarity mission online to support the social enterprise PPSE


The Solidarity banker's mission will be to assist PPSE with the following objectives:


  • Consolidate the new business plan, based on the work already done by PPSE and its stakeholders
  • Support the fund raising and merging process, by helping PPSE top management to prepare the documentation, identify investors and prepare the negotiations.



  • The Solidarity banker will dedicate a total of 15 working days to the mission. The expert will work remotely and dedicate the equivalent of 1 day every week to the mission.
  • The mission can be held during the Solidarity banker’s working time (skill-based sponsorship by the Solidarity banker’s employer) AND/OR holidays (volunteering).


The mission is detailed in the document available for download (see opposite). A connection to your account is required to access it.



Phare Performing Social Enterprise (PPSE)  is a Cambodian social enterprise created in 2013. It produces very successful circus shows in multiple touristic areas in Cambodia, offers other artistic and creative products in Siem Reap, and recently launched an animation and graphic design studio. PPSE provides job opportunities to the artistic graduates of Phare Ponleu Selpak, a non-profit organization that aims at improving the lives of disadvantaged children, young adults and their families through art schools, educational programs, and social support.


While PPSE was in a growth phase, the Covid-19 crisis hit hardly, leading the social enterprise to reduce its activities, change its business model and look for new funds. The aim of this mission is to help PPSE in its transformations.




 The expert is a member of the Crédit Agricole Group with experience/expertise in the following areas:

  • Expertise in M&A or private equity;
  • Expertise in SME’s finance and management;
  • High proficiency in English



Send your resume and 1 or 2 pragraphs detailing your motivations to :

carolina.viguet@credit-agricole-sa.fr et celine.hyon-naudin@credit-agricole-sa.fr

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