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LCL has a long history of corporate patronage. The Fondation LCL was created in July 2012 as a means of increasing local sponsorship and supporting community initiatives in France. The foundation is involved in two areas of activity that are designed to expand established partnerships. They are:


- Solidarity with disadvantaged young people and mothers struggling to cope. The Fondation LCL is especially engaged in activities that improve the social, educational and professional integration of young people.


- Healthcare, in particular through medical and scientific research.


The Fondation LCL’s work is based in France to complement the Bank’s sphere of activity. The foundation primarily supports local associations, where its contribution can make a real difference.


The Fondation LCL is also committed to LCL employees’ personal projects through the LCL Solidaire programme.


Moreover, LCL staff support good causes, including taking part in the Odyssea run in Paris. Last but not least, each year LCL makes a donation to associations selected by former winners of the Trophées des Femmes awards.

| 17.05.2018 | LCL Foundation
La Fondation LCL soutient les collaborateurs engagés dans des associations luttant contre la maladie, le handicap ou en faveur de l'éducation et de l'insertion. La Fondation LCL propose aux...
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| 29.03.2017 | LCL Foundation
Comme chaque année depuis 2001, la FRC (Fédération pour la Recherche sur le Cerveau) a organisé du 20 au 26 mars, la collecte du Neurodon dans les magasins Carrefour et Carrefour...
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| 29.03.2017 | LCL Foundation
Fin mars, 4 associations du Sud-Ouest se sont vu remettre des chèques pour un montant total de 7500€ par des collaborateurs bénévoles lauréats du programme LCL Solidaire, en présence du...
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