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Amundi's patronage policy is based on three segments: culture, education and solidarity. The latter pillar, more particularly, is based on employees' commitment.

As a good corporate citizen, Amundi offers its employees a wide variety of possibilities to mobilise themselves in diverse socially responsible themes.


As the lead partner of Action contre la Faim (ACF), Amundi has been taking part every year since 2010 in the charity's Interco Challenge, a fundraising race. In 2013, it also staged the “Je déj, Je donne” initiative enabling employees to make a donation to ACF at the company restaurant.


Amundi also supports the “Téléthon de la Communauté Financière” race with CACIB and other Group entities.


In 2012, Amundi became a partner of the charity "Nos Quartiers ont des Talents”. The principle is simple: employees sponsor young people who are part of the association by helping them take their first steps in the corporate world.


Lastly, in 2013, Amundi set up the first edition of the internal programme Give A Hand: providing financial backing to its employees’ non-profit projects.


| 19.06.2019 | Amundi
On the occasion of Music Celebration Day Amundi is organizing the second edition of its Solidarity Concert, on June 21 from 12:15 pm to 2:00 pm in its large auditorium on the Montparnasse site....
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| 13.01.2015 | Amundi
The selection committee for the second Give A Hand campaign picked and awarded grants to 14 projects, including eight new applications. The successful applications, which involved projects both in...
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| 21.08.2014 | Amundi
Since Give A Hand is essentially the story of men and women involved in community service, Amundi decided to launch its second campaign by displaying photos of the twelve 2013 grant recipients in...
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