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International solidarity

Education of children in Benin has to face poverty and a school system in trouble. Add to this a lack of resources: The impossibility of finding books, for example, leads to an insufficiency in reading and writing, both possibly persisting until adult age. The St Damien City takes part in both school life and different matters around school life. First in order to develop children’s imagination and talents and to promote transversality in acquisition of learnings. Located in Agonsoudia (south of Benin), the cultural and awakening center was born from the strong conviction that children’s future will come through their education and their ability to think and thereby to take in hand their life. Two other matters link this pedagogical dimension: an environmental side, with the development of an agro-ecological activity and promotion of nature, and an economical side, starting with profitable activities.

In France, activities are organized to develop the influence of the association and raise funds: concerts, solidarity race, etc.

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Address : 209 avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris

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This is to conduct an audit of our website (design, responsiveness, features, performance) and upgrade it before we find the time and talent to do a more substantial redesign. At the moment we are running with Wordpress PHP 5.6.40.
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