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Launched back in March 2008, Crédit Agricole S.A.’s Helping Hand programme provides financial backing to volunteer projects suggested by employees who are actively involved in an NPO. The idea is to help out the organisations while supporting the personal and community engagement of Crédit Agricole S.A. organisation employees.


Projects get support based on their application and selection by the Helping Hand jury.


To submit an application:


- Enter your login details : for this, you first have to create a Solidaires account

- Download the rules and application template to find about the procedures and get your application ready

- Click on the green banner and enter your application


Need help ? Click here.


Not an employee of the Crédit Agricole S.A. organisation? See the Helping Hand programmes offered by other companies

* At 05/01/2019, the Crédit Agricole S.A organisation included Crédit Agricole S.A., Crédit Agricole Solution Groupe Services (CA SGS), Crédit Agricole Payment Services, Foncaris, Pleinchamp, Progica, Sodica, CACIF and Crédit Agricole Paiement. Helping Hand support is also available to certain employees of other entities on secondment to Crédit Agricole S.A..

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